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(sounds like Mike but spelt with a 'Y' )
I have been programming computers since 1959.

We used an Elliott 803 - the Morris Minor of computing - and programmed using 1800 punched cards per tray

I went on to write machine code for an IBM 360 for an early LED project.

When the first small home computers appeared I started to use the Internet - long before the World Wide Web, we could dial up a server in Texas and confer with other engineers around the world.

In the late 70's I worked for a company promoting UNIX and became a fan of the latter day Linux, now the core of the WWW.

During the 80's I taught myself BASIC and wrote a book called Basic BASIC - long out of print.

I was the first UK member of Compuserve, the early attempt at a WWW service, long since dead.

I owned and managed an electronics company from 1982 and wrote all the company accounting and production management software on an HP machine using Rocky Mountain. Some of the software is STILL in use today !

When the first web sites started to appear I realised the potential and taught myself HTML - the original language for sites. As soon as more features were needed, I realsed an active programming facility was needed.

Fortunately I chose PHP, now the forerunner for websites. - This allows me to write very stable websites which normally work well with few problems.

A particular foible is making simple, basic looking sites that do NOT need a help page !
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