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I offer to register a domain name, and do all the set up required.
This can include an optional email address set up with the domain
I can take the pictures that you need for your website.
Some of my web designs permit you to operate your own updating of text and images
I can also offer image uploads and sound management together with animated pictures.
If required, we can implement interfaces with banks such as WorldPay
In addition to normal HTML pages we can construct server side active pages using PHP and databases.

My sites usually include pages which can be updated by the owner via their browser.
This may include some kind of notice board, suggestion box or free text areas.

I normally host sites which I build - please check out the running costs
Before asking me to build a site be sure to read who owns what
I make every effort to provide a full time service for your site, but cannot guarantee 100%.
Finally, website design cost are notoriously difficult to estimate,
- the better your brief the more accurate our quotation.

Be aware that simple sites start at a hundred pounds.