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from you to do a quote to start work to sort out eventually
To raise a quote I need some indication of the purpose of the site, the main features required and
some idea about which bits need updating by you.

I need to know the details if you have a domain and/or an existing site

Your website is mainly about it's content but visual appearance is also very important, so an idea about what style you want - maybe a link to an existing site or a sketch that you send me.
item examples based on this site  
domain name bigloaf.com We need to register a domain name, this should be as short as possible and very relevant.

Most artists use their name or a relevant description already in use

If you require a new domain then need your first choice for a domain name and some secondary ones in case it is not available
logo You may already have a logo for letterhead and business cards

Whereever possible I try to make the website echo these precedents

I need your logo in a high resolution image file - not printed
home page layout sample home page If you prepare a sketch of the home page layout showing relative positions of logo/buttons/pictures/text etc

I can usually derive the rest of the pages from this

Lots more ideas here
language the quick brown fox jumped
over the lazy dog
I only supply sites in English unless you provide translations of all text