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I have programmed a website especially for artists to show their work.

Once set up, the website may be maintained entirely by the artist.

The basic format of the website is fixed but colours, fonts, menus etc are programmed by me for each artist.

This makes for a robust but inexpensive programming solution.

Delivery time is usually a few days


(home page has random pictures with captions - try refreshing the page)
buttons, colours and fonts to suit the client
picture gallery with titles and captions
picture uploads and page texts managed by the client

links to FaceBook etc can be included
log-in (click the menu copyright symbol)


please click a link

basic website - live custom website

extended website - paid extra for 'exhibitions' and 'links' pages

there is also a demo on my server


If the basic website is used prices as follows:

1) register domain - £25
( with a REPUTABLE hoster ! )
annually in advance for .co.uk - some are more expensive

2) 1 years hosting in advance - £96
£8/month payable one year in advance
includes my 24/7 support
free email addresses with webmail
(can be forwarded anywhere)

3) programme website - £100 one time fee
customised buttons/font/colours/email/
customised favicons/robots.txt/geo-tag/keywords
register with Google etc etc
upload and check all working OK


Home page with picture slider £20
Map showing studio location (view sample) £25
Google analytics - one time set up £30
Webalizer stats - one time set up £10
AW stats - one time set up £10
Sell artwork using my custom basket £100
Email list and sender - £30
WordPress blog - one time set up £30
Google page search - £10
Website text search - £25
Anything else - please ask

mobile friendly websites by Myk
click an image to see the live site