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I have a template website which is :

1) mobile friendly

2) customisable for buttons, colours and fonts

3) content managed by the client

Current websites using this template include:


John - who paid extra for 'exhibitions' and 'links'

If the basic website is used it is as follows:

1) register domain £25 annually in advance for .co.uk - some are more expensive
with a REPUTABLE hoster not one of the painful cheap guys !

2) 1 years hosting in advance £16/month payable one year in advance
( 2nd year could be £12 if you are not a pain the bum !)
includes my 24/7 support
free email addresses with webmail which also can be forwarded anywhere

3) customised buttons/font/colours/email/

4) customised favicons/robots.txt/geo-tag/keywords/register with Google

5) upload and check all working OK
£100 one time fee


Map showing location (view sample) £25
Google analytics - one time set up £30
Webalizer stats - one time set up £10
AW stats - one time set up £10
WordPress blog - one time set up £30

There is a demo

the log-in (click the menu copyright symbol) is available to clients
(home page has several pictures with captions)

new page links to FaceBook etc can be included